It’s weird that with time you seem to accept anything. The effects of type 2 diabetes slowly sneaks up on you and you tend to learn to live with the effects. First was my eye sight, next was my balance with the numbness of my feet, and it kept getting worse.

Always at the doctors they would watch my toes, feet, and check my eyes. Why was I so willing to go down this road? I honestly thought we were controlling it with drugs, but those drugs are hard on your body too! Not good for your heart, kidneys, vascular system, nervous system etc. High blood pressure too! I ended up not being able to walk much or be active; with my weight gain I couldn’t shop at normal stores like Walmart, Target or the like. What a mess!!!!

OK… my weight got up to 290 pounds and my waist size up to 52! So, that was where I started. I had also tried a diet that worked in the past but had little or no results for me… so I just stayed with the drugs; and those really didn’t work that well plus the side effects were horrible. My A1C was 13 plus where 6.0 is normal. Wow, can you say out of control and if this was control I was in serious trouble.
Enter my best friend Steve Hunter. He has never had an issue with weight.

More to come….

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