Mr. Brusso and his twins Paige and Megan…


Peter Brusso is an electrical engineer who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes back in 2008. He went on no drugs but went after a reverse diabetes diet which did produce good results. However, going through a tuff patch of life he went off the diet and in the following years ended up with his diabetes back in full force. 

As a US Army veteran, the VA diagnosed him with diabetes again but with an A1C of 13 plus! For years they tried to control his diabetes without very good results. He got nerve damage and more due to his diabetes. His best friend Steve Hunter suggested that there might be a way to correct his diabetes naturally and he went into high gear to find a way.

We found a way, modified it and off Peter went on this new path. The end results… A1C of 6.0 in less than 2 months… off all of his diabetes meds, lost at this point 67 pounds, with an average of 8 pounds per month… and he is never hungry!

Yes, you read that right. You can do it too so don’t just go along with meds that still leave you open to all kinds of horrible diabetes results: amputations of limbs, heart attacks, and much more!