The no carb diet

The diet started with the video from Sarah Hallberg, an obesity doctor (which I never knew there was such a thing. My best friend Steve Hunter who wrote “look for beauty find happiness“, researched the topic of diabetes. He asked me one day if I wanted to get rid of my diabetes and the question seems obvious, but I had not asked my self that. I wasn’t sure it could be done even though I did go on a reverse diabetes diet in 2008 with some good results. However, I found the diet un-sustainable in the long run.

This new diet is easy to be on and produces such great results you can’t overlook the results. Now as with Dr. Hallberg’s research she had one approach that really showed what a low carb diet could do for the correction of diabetes. Without much doubt as you listen to her “Ted talk” you can see for yourself that she is onto something.

Steve said we should use this as a spring board to design a diet for me. I was game for sure. What we came up with was as close to zero carbs as possible (vegetables do have carbs) and lower my eating times to once a day. Fasting between meals at least 14 hours has been shown to be a good thing in lowering the effects of diabetes. That said, what I wanted to do was to lower my A1C and thus attack my blood not my fat. Because of lowering my A1C other benefits became obvious.

Eating once a day, I thought, was out of my reach as I like most eat 3 or more times per day. I didn’t think I could get to once a day but as you learned watching Dr. Hallberg’s video that carbs translate to blood sugar and raises your hunger levels. With out carbs you are not as hungry or in my case I became not hungry till early afternoon. My stomach also shrunk as I moved toward one meal a day and even at that one meal, I couldn’t eat as much as I used to. Also, only eat when you are hungry helps tremendously too.

A quick overview

For those who want to understand the diet here are the major parts:

  • No carbs
  • No sugar
  • No fruit
  • Eat protein
  • Eat fats
  • Eat above ground vegetables only
  • Eat twice a day heading for once a day
  • Eat when you are hungry not by the clock
  • Stop eating when you are full
  • Drink lots of water

That is about the size of the diet, but we will go more into other topics that you might need to use and modify the diet for your needs.

You can reverse diabetes naturally via this diet. Wait no longer to help fix your diabetes.

More to come…